Sharing our Learning

Each student has a digital learning journal through SeeSaw. SeeSaw is a platform that is only accessible to subscribers. Families are invited to their child's learning journal and are also able to communicate with the classroom teacher.


Teachers, students, families can all work together to share their learning. At the end of each year families are able to download all of their child's learning as a PDF.


Student Reports

Upper Ferntree Gully Primary School reports are prepared in line with school and Department of Education policy to inform parents of their child’s progress and achievements. The reports in conjunction with Seesaw portfolios are designed to provide families with a clear picture of their child’s progress that is easy to understand, and consistent from one school to another.

A students progress is reported in line with learning standards set out in the Victorian Curriculum which are guidelines for all government schools state wide. Student report cards provide parents with clear, comprehensive and consistent information about their child‘s progress in Years F-10.

More information about the Victorian Curriculum can be found at

The reports show growth for students in relation to their prior learning from their previous reports. All reports should be looked at individually in relation to each child and the progress they are making. We support every child to achieve growth in their learning. Other areas indicate skills and knowledge that have been gained in subject areas for a semester.


Our school is committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their full potential. The student report cards are a key aspect of that commitment. They are designed to clearly document your child’s achievement to date as well as the next steps in their learning.


Families have the opportunity to discuss reports at student led conferences twice a year or to make an appointment time with their child's teacher at any time.


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