Student Wellbeing

At Upper Ferntree Gully Primary School we believe in educating the whole child. A child who comes to school feeling healthy and safe will be ready to learn. A student who feels connected to peers, teachers and school will be ready to succeed. Students who have access to engaging and challenging academic programs will be better prepared for life after school. All of these things work together, not in isolation. This is our goal to assist students to be members of society who are happy, successful and giving.


Our school values underpin everything that we do at Upper Gully. We talk to students about the values and we work with them to develop their understandings of how these values apply to school and their life outside school.


We use School Wide Positive Behaviour strategies to focus on making the environment of our school happy, healthy and safe. We use explicit expectations that are developed with the students so that they understand what is expected of them during their days at school. This includes being positive in language and behaviour, rewarding students for making the right choices, and ensuring they understand the consequences of inappropriate behaviours.


The Berry Street Education Model 

Our teachers are training in the Berry Street Education Model.


The Berry Street Education Model provides schools with the training, curriculum and strategies to engage all students. This education initiative is different because it is research-informed, multifaceted and systemic. It is unique because it educates schools and their leaders to reinforce and sustain cognitive and behavioural change, thereby re-engaging the young person in learning and progressing their academic achievement. The Berry Street Education Model is designed to improve a schools capacity to address school engagement of vulnerable or disadvantaged young people so that they can achieve their personal and social potential through educational achievement. The approach combines a top down and ground up strategy.

As well as using school focussed programs to assist with wellbeing we identify individual needs of students and offer supports whether it be with learning, mental health or social skills. We utilise school and outside resources to help students be the best they can be.



We provide opportunities for students to develop themselves and their interests through lunchtime clubs including, drama and dance, coding, sports and others. These lunchtime clubs arise through students interests.



We provide opportunities for students to further develop their leadership skills by being involved in school groups.


These include:

  • Junior School Council - Made up of elected class representatives, they organise fundraising activities
  • Enviro Club - Student representatives are tasked with responsibilities for promoting sustainability
  • School Captains - Elected by the student body, they represent the students and run school assemblies
  • House Captains - Take leadership roles during sporting activities


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