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We are pleased to advise that the Compass School Management system is now in operation at Upper Ferntree Gully. Compass provides our school community with a range of facilities that will streamline communication and provide enhanced access to information. It will also improve many of the school's administration processes.


Compass will become the primary communication tool between the school and home. Parents will be able to log in to Compass via the school website, the Compass website ( or via smartphone and tablet apps.


The following tasks are now available for parents to access:

  • Contact Details - Parents can now log in and update their contact details through the portal. It is important that contact details remain current so you can receive email alerts and we can contact you if required.
  • Attendance - View your child's attendance online, notify the school if your child will be away, approve absences and indicate future absences.
  • Parent/Teacher interviews - You will be able to book interview times for the mid-year interview and end of year interviews. 
  • Teacher email - Parents are able to email teachers directly.
  • School reports - Reports are able to be published online through Compass rather than printed on paper.  Reports will be available online for the duration of the child's enrolment at Upper Ferntree Gully and available for downloading as often as required.
  • News feeds - The school will post news to parents to remind you about events and activities at the school. The news feed will be customised, showing only relevant information to you and your children.
  • Payments - Parents are able to pay for excursions and camps by direct payments
  • Permission - Parents will be able to give authorisation for students to attend excursions and incursions as well as provide approval for other activities.  These will be electronic permissions and there will not be a need to print permission slips, saving our resources.   
  • Parents are also able to pay school fees by direct payments or take advantage of a payment plans.

Parents will play an important role in the success of this initiative. It will be essential that parents log in regularly to access newsletters, news feeds and more. Compass is intended to be self-explanatory and easy to use (many families in our community already use the system in their secondary schools) and instructions for some of the more routine tasks will be posted here for your convenience.  However, if you require assistance please contact the school office.


Compass Parent Guide



We use Facebook to share events and special activities that occur at our school. This is updated regularly and is also a way we communicate and celebrate the special things that happen at Upper Ferntree Gully Primary School.




Seesaw gives families an immediate and personalized window into their child's school day, helping to answer: "What did you do at school today?"


Our Classroom teachers use Seesaw as both a communication tool and a learning journal for students. It is a great way to link instantly between school and home and share your child's learning.


Seesaw is accessed via the use of a code. You can speak to the classroom teacher about accessing your child's class.




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